Don’t ‘light it up blue’ for me

the silent wave

As usual, it is the season for Autism Awareness Month.  Although I had staked my claim on a spot on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum by this time last year, I hadn’t unpacked yet, and thus, I wasn’t yet prepared to take on the blue-tinted world.  This year, however, I’ve made myself at home on the spectrum, and I’m coming out to the autism organization-dominated mainstream world, gloves on, and swinging.  Indeed I’ve been gearing up for this ever since last year, so please bear with me while I spout off a few words to that blue-tinged, puzzle-piece-littered world. 🙂

Dear decision-makers of the (usually big) business world…

I realize that April is the time of year when most of you drench the world in shades of blue and iconic puzzle pieces, all in an effort to shine the spotlight on autism.

You want to be “with it”.  You want to be…

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