You Don’t Speak For Us

This is beautiful.

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

You say it’s time to listen

You say that autism speaks

You say you care about “people with autism”

So maybe it’s time to actually listen

We don’t want your awareness

What we need is acceptance

For you to see us as we are

And accept us, autism and all

We are not puzzles missing pieces

We are full, complete human beings

Just because you don’t understand

Doesn’t mean that we are incomplete

All of us communicate

Yes, even those who don’t speak verbally

We communicate through many means

We sign and type and point and emote

We communicate with our bodies

Through those movements you deem pointless

Our behavior is communication

Are you willing to listen?

We are as diverse as you

Each autistic their own shade

Of the beautiful rainbow of neurodiversity

None eclipsing the others

We are not an epidemic or tragedy

We are not burdens to…

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