Accept or Except?

the silent wave

Autism Awareness Month is coming.  Soon, all the world will co-opt a mysterious blue hue, which is a questionably-intended, definitely-misguided mission.

I don’t know a single person who isn’t aware of the existence of autism.  And outside my circle of friends and a precious few select professionals, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have the completely-wrong impression.

The so-called “charities” (I’m talking about the not-so-good ones here; certainly not all of them are like this) and the so-called “experts” have etched their mark.  Their message is out there, so loud and so clear that often, one can’t help but trip over it, and their impact is formidable.  They’ve said their piece, but the first problem is, it’s not just “inaccurate”–it’s wrong.  The second problem is, they keep saying it.  Ad nauseum.  That will get its own post, probably several.

Having heard the term and understanding and embracing what…

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