The Unlearning process

the silent wave

After reading Sonia’s beautiful “The unlearning #autism” piece, I realized that a chord had irrevocably been struck. 

(Sonia and her gifted writing have that effect on me.)

I also realized that I was in the middle of doing some Unlearning of my own.

A year ago, I was knee-deep in the archives of the medical journal that would ultimately serve as the catalyst for my Asperger’s/autism spectrum discovery.  I had no clue about the golden nugget of truth hidden just around the corner, so close and yet, completely obscured from view.

I was just being me, doing what I did best, being natural in my natural habitat where there’s no judgment panel or interrogation, verbal or nonverbal, to answer to, nor idiosyncrasy to answer for.

I didn’t realize it then, but I had a lot to unlearn.

I had been trying (too hard) to acclimate myself to the…

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