On Ableism

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

Too young to be sick, they say

At least you have your health, they say

Just exercise more, they say

Have you tried yoga? they say

A young body wracked with pain

A body that looks healthy to untrained eyes

A body rebelling against its owner

Every day spent in pain

Yet they tell me I’m not sick

Ignore my pain, my disease

Just think positively they say

Erasing my struggles, my disability

Just try harder, they say

But you don’t look sick, they say

Your disease isn’t real, they say

You’re invalid, is what they mean

I don’t believe you, is what they mean

Doctors deny help, deny relief

Citing addiction and reliance

They say it doesn’t treat the cause

But why is my pain not worth treating?

Ableism courses through their veins

Ingrained deep within their minds

A virus that has poisoned the masses

Eating away at compassion…

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