“What do *you* do?” and other ways to trigger an Aspie/autistic person

the silent wave

Some of you are aware, at varying levels, that I’ve had a hilariously crappy week.  As in, so crappy that it’s almost funny.  And I hope that one day (soon), I’ll be able to laugh about it.  Truthfully, I’m not quite there yet.  But I’m trying to find ways to smile, even if prematurely, even if the smile muscles have to work hard to force the issue.

Because the debris really did pile up this week.  It was an Office-Hell-Meets-F5-Twitstorm-Meets-I-Want-To-Shake-Two-People kind of week.  To the point where, at the height of it all, I realized I was starting to breathe hard.

Except that I had merely been sitting at my desk.

But I had also heard the news that our only office assistant had given her notice; they’re leaving, and soon.

And I had gotten only two hours of sleep the night before, because I had been so distraught over…

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