Warning: Spoilers, Tags, and Triggers in Fandom

Fandom Wanderers

So, Wanderers, you might have noticed that since our series slot is currently covered by the GUST section of our beloved ‘zine, we’ve taken to doing some random wildcard editorials. All well and good, but not so brilliant when the Editor simply fixes her beady eyes upon you from behind her computer screen, smiles sweetly and asks you to write something. Anything.

As you may imagine, we’ve had more specific briefs in the past… so here I am to write about anything I jolly well like. And, as I mentioned in my other article this issue (if you’ll excuse the shameless plug), having too much choice can be a bad thing. I wasn’t making a lot of progress, but then while I was totally researching a potential article and not at all messing about on the internet, I spoiled the ending of Fight Club for myself. Yes, I know…

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