“OCD Freak”: How to confront someone about misusing the term “OCD”

My OCD Voice

ocd-freakThis semester of college I am taking a seminar called “Teaching College Science.” Each class, we discuss a research paper abouteducation or learning techniques. Since I am TA-ing Introductory Biology this semester, and hope to be a professor one day, I am really enjoying the class.

One week we were discussing note-taking strategies, and the most effective methods for studying from your notes. Everything was going as usual, right up until someone discussed they’re personal note-taking habits and started to say “it.” And by “it,” I mean something related tobeing organized and color-coordinated.

After years of hearing them together, anytime someone says this, I brace myself for what is likely coming: “I’m soooo OCD.”

“I’m so OCD” doesn’t always follow a comment about being organized, but talking about being organized usually comes before an “I’m soo OCD.” And this time it did. My classmate said, “I take notes like an…

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