It’s a Scary World Out There: How to Interact as a Fanfiction Writer

Fandom Wanderers

So in our Forms of Fandom: Fanfiction article, we (I) included a few bits of advice when engaging with it. But there weren’t very many, and they got a bit jumbled up with the rest of it, so here’s a few things to keep in mind if and when you decide to give it a go.

  • Write what you want to write – Obviously, if you’re writing fanfiction, you want people to read it. Even better, you want people to review it, because it helps you to improve.  And, yes, there are certain genres in every fandom that get more readers, whether it’s because of the ship, or the original genre, or any number of things. That doesn’t make your story ‘wrong’, just different, and you will do a far better job writing something you want to write than you will trying to fit in with the masses. More importantly, you’ll keep your motivation longer as well.
  • You…

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