The #ActuallyAutistic hashtag is *only* for actually-autistic people


the silent wave

Dear neurotypical people on social media,

I know that you’re passionate about autism.  Maybe your child is autistic.  Or maybe your sibling is autistic.  Maybe your job involves autism and/or autistic people – perhaps you’re a doctor, counselor, educator, other school faculty, occupational therapist, or maybe even an author, journalist, or researcher.  Or maybe you’re interested in the subject out of sheer curiosity.

I applaud you in your curiosity….that is, if you’re actually working for us, in our best interests and out of full respect for our wishes.  If your hearts are truly in the right place and you don’t consider the autism spectrum to be the Next Great Plague Sweeping the Nation, then I’m all for your involvement…

…as long as you’re also stepping aside and letting us speak, genuinely listening to us, acting out of respect for us, and truly seeking to learn and support.  As long as…

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2 thoughts on “The #ActuallyAutistic hashtag is *only* for actually-autistic people

  1. Wow, thank you so much for the reblog! I really appreciate that 😊😊

    I’m also really glad I found your blog! It gave me something interesting and fun to do today ❤️

    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer/Laina 🌟

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