Labels – Some People Want Them, Others Do Not, And That Is Okay

The Aspie Teacher

Trigger Warning: Reference to the R-Word

It is April. That means social media is awash with articles, blogs, and fundraising events about Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month. This period of time can be very triggering for some.  I am no exception.  I use to participate more during this month of “awareness” inundation, but it got too much for me. The doom and gloom messages, the increased infighting amongst the Autism Community between non-autistic parents and advocates and self-advocates, the constant battle of trying to provide a more positive message and also insisting on the message of “Nothing About Us Without Us”, which many so-called “awareness” campaigns seem to forget. Even with this, I feel I must participate in some way, have my voice heard in some manner.  I feel it is important to do this even if I am only one small voice amongst thousands.

The issue of labels comes up a…

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